About fashion ABC

Where does the term ‘bikini’ come from? Why are high heels called ‘killer heels’? Which astronaut made the Moonwatch world famous? Surprise yourself with the most diverse objects in the ever-growing database of fashion ABC and discover the history behind your own wardrobe.

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fashion ABC is an inspiring knowledge base for fashion designers, stylists, fashion journalists, bloggers, PR agencies, fashion students and other interested parties. In this online lexicon, they can find information about fashion, clothing and accessories. You can find an object by searching for a specific term. Do you have an item in mind but forgot the name? Don’t worry – on fashion ABC, you can simply browse through the pictures, which are usefully sorted into different categories, so you that you can easily find the correct name. fashion ABC chooses a light-hearted tone to describe the objects, with knowledge of the cultural and historical facts.


fashion ABC, I initiated because as a fashion journalist, I developed a large word and image bank for private use over the past years. Encouraged by enthusiastic reactions from my contacts, I decided to make this information available for a wider public. For fashion ABC, I collaborate with a number of designers, fashion brands and museums, which I love and warmly support. The website went live on the 1st of July 2014, with 501 items in the database. fashion ABC is a dynamic knowledge base that is never finished and always developing.

Natasja Admiraal